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Septic System Inspections

If you are new to septic systems or looking at a home with a septic system and want to educate yourself; please read the helpful articles from the EPA describing different types of septic systems and they work under our helpful links page

There is also a link on our helpful links page to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality where you can look up licensed septic system installers and maintainers. 

While OverWatch Property Solutions LLC is not a licensed installer or maintainer of septic systems, we can still inspect them.  This is often a more cost effective way to identify whether or not you have a serious problem with your system...or if it just needs to be pumped. 

A typical septic inspection includes:

  • locating septic tank and drain field

  • locating septic tank access hatches or ports (if grade level)

  • inspecting inlet and outlet baffles

  • inspecting condition of tank

  • measuring scum level

  • measuring sludge level

  • inspecting distribution box

  • measuring distance from septic system to any water sources

Septic system Inspector
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