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New Home Construction Inspections

a.k.a. Phase Inspections

Construction inspections are also know as new home inspections, or phase inspections.  Bottom line is that your new home will be inspected during different periods or "phases" of the construction process.  A licensed home inspector can provide you a professional, non-biased opinion about the quality of work and installation practices of your home builder.  While most municipalities provide their own code and building inspectors, homes being built outside the city limits are not necessarily held to the same standards.  Either way, having an independent inspector verifying the quality of work is always recommended in order to protect one of your biggest investments. 

Phase Inspections are typically conducted in three phases, but can be tailored to the needs and requests of each individual client.

  • Pre-Pour Foundation which includes:

    • footings​/forms

    • rebar/tendons

    • grading 

    • verification of footing and beam depth 

  • Framing which includes: (this phase is completed prior to hanging drywall)

    • damaged framing members​

    • improper notching or boring

    • sill plate anchors

    • exterior walls, windows, flashing, penetrations 

    • HVAC, plumbing, and electrical 

  • Final which includes:

OverWatch Property Solutions is a member of the International Code Council (ICC) and our primary inspector holds a Residential Combination Inspector (RCI) code certification from the ICC.

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