• OverWatch Home Inspector

How Long does a home inspection take?

This is a question that I get from most of my clients and the real answer is.....it takes as long as it takes. Every home is obviously different and the inspector will encounter different conditions and circumstances in every home. The home itself and the diligence of the inspector are the true determining factors. BUT.....there is a very rough and general rule of thumb that I tell my clients which is approximately 1 hour for every 1000 square feet of home.

So, if your home is 1500 square feet you can expect that home inspection to take between 1-2 hours. Now if that same 1500 square foot home happened to have a pier and beam foundation with a crawlspace, a pool, a sprinkler system and an additional outbuilding.....you can expect that inspection to take 2-3 or even 4 hours.

If you are having a much larger home inspected...maybe in the 5000-6000 square foot range, you can count on your inspection lasting pretty much all day...especially if the home also has accessory structures.

Now on some very large homes (6000 square feet+), the home inspector might conduct the inspection over a two day period or the home inspection company might send a two or three man team of inspectors to complete the job.

So the bottom line is.....there is a direct correlation to the size of the home and how long the home inspection should take.

RED FLAG - some inspectors are more focused on quantity rather than quality and this is something that everyone should be aware of. My point is....if you are having a 3000 square foot home inspected and the inspector says he or she can have it finished in 1 hour....please don't hire that inspector.